Aragon MotoGP Tickets

Aragon is an amazing circuit in the middle of nowhere... Sadly if you want to get around and see the circuit from different places, you need to purchase several tickets. Each ticket allow you ONLY to the area you have purchased. Thus if you have purchased Grandstand 1C, you will be permitted on in the area of the 1 grandstands (A, B, C) and of course you may only enter grandstand C. Most notably you may NOT enter the general admission ('pelouse') areas*. Of these, the most interesting is area 4, a huge hill which dominates the track and gives you many good vantage points. Of the grandstands, 1C is a good view to both the start and the first corner; 7 is good for the final corner. The 3 area (3C slightly better than 3B but not a lot to call) is good value for money - more area to roam! Prices are currently set at 0 EUR until released by the circuit. You can make your non-binding reservation and we will update you once prices become available.
*We have raised concerns with the circuit management about this over-restrictive policy and we hope they will permit Pelouse access for Grandstand and VIP ticket holders, but we cannot of course promise this.

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