Lights are green for MotoGP Finland?!

Today (21/4/21) the Finnish government announced that outdoor events in Finland will be accessible without restriction from July. We hope this signals a go ahead to the inaugural MotoGP of Finland! Join us for a spectacular weekend - remember you have only one opportunity to be first!

We are super excited about the possibility of attending the Finnish MotoGP in July!

Join us as we visit the new Kimiring circuit for the first time! We paid a visit there for the MotoGP Test held in August 2019, and our impatience since has been almost unbearable.

Our core package is based in the lovely seaside town of Kotva, 55 minutes from the circuit, where our top rated 4* hotel is in the centre on the doorstep of many pubs and restaurants (which we hope will be open as well!)

We will still honour our 15% COVID deposit with the balance due 30 days from the start assuming the event is intact. Otherwise your deposit may be moved to any other event or 2022.

The official statement:

Finnish government covid press conference on April 21 at 09.00 Finnish time.

Basic functions for the Kymiring MotoGP weekend.

Finland will open borders to EU citizens during May.
By the end of June, the EU's citizens should have the "greenpass" to arrive.
From June, outdoor events will be allowed without safety distance.

Indoor restrictions we will know during the May.

[ID: 21314]  (credit: Pole Position Travel)

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