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Announcement 27 May 2011

Staying in touch with
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This is a special bulletin from Pole Position Travel sent to our customer email list (rather than the usual newsletter list). This list is used only for 'meta' information about the company rather than our products.

Win an exclusive signed poster of the rider of your choice!
Just by connecting with us on social media. See details below*

As we have grown and extended into World SBK, sponsorships, international affiliates and more, we find that we now have 'news' every day or so. We would like to invite you to follow us through various channels.

PPT The Pole Position Travel newsletter. Goes out roughly 1-2 issues per month. Event previews, new products, announcements. If you are NOT currently subscribed, you will receive a personal invitation from us shortly. Example: Silverstone MotoGP Preview Subscribe
Facebook Facebook. Here we put notifications of trip reports, cool new offers, connect people going to the same event, and lots more. Things tend to appear here before the newsletter.Example: Peter Lenz charity auction of 2 x Laguna Seca hospitality & Paddock experiences
Twitter Twitter. Here we annouce pointers to these cool things & sometimes very special offers & contests (see below) Example: Super all-inclusive Silverstone package By: TwitterButtons.com
YouTube YouTube. We put up some cool/unusual/specialists videos here. Race starts, videos from inside a pit, speakers at our events, just anything that catches our eye... Example: The atmosphere inside the pit of Mattia Pasini as he wins a stunning race in Mugello. or The Legendary Assen Beer Trolley Tour Subscribe to YouTube channel
*Connect with us on one of our Social Media Channels then leave us a comment or @mention telling us who you would love to have a signed poster by and be sure to include: "#JoinUsComp" somewhere in your message. We will pick one at random. Do this before we leave for Catalunya so we can get the order filled! (If you want Rossi might be a bit longer!) Can be any current rider in Grand Prix or WorldSBK.

You can also email us through our contact form

Information about our Team Experiences & ClubGP programme

MotoGP: www.polepositiontravel.com
WSB: sbk.polepositiontravel.com
VIP: www.polepositionvip.com
+44 191 406 6260 • +1 800 501 0302 • +353 1 657 1933
Kaprova 13 • Prague 1 • Czech Republic

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International Agents

You can always book directly with us via any of the usual mechanisms here at our home office in lovely Prague.

However to better serve our international customers, we are delighted to announce local phone numbers & agents in the following countries. The agents speak your language and are (more or less!) in your time zone.

Australia +61 3 9999 6809 Richard
Canada +1 800 501 0302
(in California)
Czech Republic +420 222 313 663 Pavel/Jana
France +33 2 76 64 02 27 Magali
Ireland +353 1 657 1933 Patrick
Scotland +44 131 202 6595 Gordon
United Kingdom +44 191 406 6260 Patrick/Denis
USA +1 800 501 0302
(in California)
South Africa +27 10 500 3898 Denis
(EN or AFR)

Where a local agent is unavailable, phones ring through to the main office, so don't be surprised to be calling Europe! (cost is on us!) The actual agent you get may vary.