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We are THE MotoGP No.1 specialists making your weekend an unforgettable experience


Our 'core' product is providing you a great moto tour experience! We do this by offering you a tailored package based on products we have carefully selected for each event. To build your weekend, we have a simple equation:

tour = package + tickets + extras

Tickets are of course your entry to the event. We offer a great range of track experiences; see more information about VIP options, Team experiences and Tickets.

Our packages provide all the services in support of the event itself: accommodation, track transfers, guide, information. Sometimes we have 'special' packages which included additional services, typically meals. We always have some opening gathering to give us an opporutnity to brief you, for you to ask questions, meet fellow fans, and generally get the weekend off to a start. You can book packages for any duration (subject to a minimum) and any dates as long as the night before race day is included (usually Saturday night). See more information on our packages...

For nearly all GPs we also offer additional excursions, cultural events, parties, additional transport options (such as helicopters, intercity transfers, taxi pickups) - these we generally refer to a 'extras'. See more information on these services...


Its a short weekend. Join us to get the most from it!

You can spend a lot of time organising hotels, tickets, ground transport, and arrive with no one to help you, provide advice, offer cool evening options... or you can have us sort it all in a matter of a few minutes. The choice is yours. We do a lot of work to find the best value accommodations, transport, parties and great 'extras'. We have had thousands of people in our packages since 2002. So as we say:

You follow the action, you drink the beer, we do the rest!

All our packages include:

  • Ensuite B&B amongst best in its class (2 or 3 night minimum depends on event)
  • Transfer to and from the track on Qualifying and Race days
  • 24hr access to our guides/reps
  • Opening reception or similar social event so you can meet fellow moto-heads
  • Souvenier (depending on class), such as Event Polo shirt
  • Our own programme, ticket lanyard
  • Options for extra nights, room upgrades (usually), provisions for families
  • And of course you are first on the list for any of our extra offerings and activities

Our flexible 'mix and match' system means we can provide ANY ticket with ANY package. What's your priority? The top experience throughout? The best seat and a bed to crash? A 5* excuse to visit Malaysia with a GP thrown in for good measure? We can offer it!

See below for advantages of buying packages through us

Deluxe package

For the best the destination has to offer. We contract with top hotels in the area, often the same ones used by motoGP VIPs & riders. We usually have options for suites and deluxe accommodation. You get top attention with a rep assigned solely to the deluxe customers. Helicopter transfers and other VIP services organised as you need. We deliberately keep group size low to maximise attention to you.
Typical ticket: VIP VILLAGE or MotoGP Team Experience

Superior package

When quality of accommodation and services count. Typically set in a 4* hotel with good facilities such as spa, room service, and more. Often the 'epicentre' of the weekend, as it is where facilities for our parties are located (and of course the best bar!). Superior customers also get our cool event shirt so tell us your size!
Typical ticket: Hospitality, Pole Position Club or best grandstand

Classic package

The bulk of our customers opt for our 'classic' package. Always in a good clean hotel (usually about 3*) with plenty of twin and even triple/quad rooms so you can mimimise the cost per person. This is where to be if you want to live, eat and breath MotoGP all weekend. You get our special ballcap, and of course we have reps on hand. We always have some hotels with secure parking for Bikes - let us know if you are riding here!
Typical ticket: Grandstands

Economy package

Save your money for more beer and good tickets! You aren't planning to sleep anyhow; so just need a place to crash and store your stuff. For some events we offer very good value 'no frills' packages which put you in a simple clean hotel (en suite), gets you on the bus to the track, and pretty much thats it! We're still around for any issue though.
Typical ticket: Standing

Special package

We sometimes offer packages which don't quite fit the mould... These are special packagings, often including evening activities (our Brno Beer tasting), special transport (we fly you from Dublin to Valencia), evening meals (our Spa package in Aragon) or unusual lengths or conditions. Read on, these are usually designed to be a complete programme in their own right - and always represent great value! Tickets are often included, or choose anything!

Event tickets

You are here for the race - so perhaps the most important choice is how you experience it.

We have been around the circuits and carefully selected the best valued options for all budgets and tastes. In general you can get the following ticket types (ranked from generally most to least expensive) Costs can vary considerably by event; we have picked examples as mid-range benchmarks. Not all types are available for all events.

Buying from us: We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible)

We offer ticket delivery to suit your travel needs:

  • Free collection at destination at a point and times we will announce (or delivery to your hotel if you are one of our package customers
  • Postal delivery (we do not do this for expensive tickets like VIP)
  • Courier delivery - usually 1 or 2 day delivery unless you live in the Galapagos Islands
  • Accreditation Centre - for team experience passes
  • Hand delivery. We will hold the tickets and personally deliver them to you at the circuit at mutualy convenient time

See below for advantages of buying tickets through us.

Team Experience

Joining one of our partner MotoGP, Moto2/3, or superbike teams for the weekend. Inside the paddock, with team catering and garage tours.Sometimes may upgrade to Platinum - enjoying unique privileges such as a service road lap in the official car; and standing on the start grid!


The VIP Village in MotoGP, or SBK VIP Pit Lounge. Always the best facility at each circuit. Private viewing area, Paddock tours, pit lane walks, service road tours, programme, luxury catering, open bar and more... We are one of the leading agents of the VIP Village and for events at which we have 10 or more customers (almost all of them) we will have rep there.


For many of our events (in MotoGP: Mugello, Catalunya, Assen, Brno, Austria, Silverstone, San Marino, Sepang and Valencia in 2017) we have our own hospitality area where in addition to great viewing, you have private catering, a or other enclosed facility, closed circuit TV and generally a much more comfortable base; and of course our reps on hand to provide private paddock and garage tours and help you maximse the experience!


The majority of our tickets are grandstand seats. In most circuits this means you have a reserved/numbered seat. We don't offer all stands for all circuits - normally we select the ones we think are the best value based on our experience of the track, and we usually only pick stands with a view to a big TV so you don't miss any action!


We don't usually recommend the general admission, sometimes known as 'standing' 'pelouse' or 'garden' as we prefer to be able to watch the entire race from a reserved seat, and see a big TV. Some circuits however - notably Brno - offer great value standing areas and we can often advise on where to find the best place to stake out. Get there early though!

The VIP Experience

Once you've gone VIP, there is no going back!

We are one of the leading sales agents for VIP Village - the top experience of the MotoGP. (Comments here apply equally to the wonderful SBK VIP, and even more so for the Isle of Man VIP!)

We make no apologies - our customers are SERIOUS fans, and our mission is to give you the ultimate moto weekend. We get you there early. We are always the last to leave. We bring you results, gossip, ear plugs, poster tubes, programmes, whatever you need to have the most memorable weekend.

Corporate entertaining or autograph bagging (or both!) the VIP Village is where it happens.

The VIP Village offers:

  • Great viewing, in air-conditioned pavilion strategically located (some events have private viewing stands)
  • Closed circuit TV for the rest of the action
  • Pit lane walks
  • Paddock tours
  • Service road tours on many of the circuits
  • Luxury catering, including buffet breakfast, lunch, petit fours, sweets
  • Open bar (cocktails at most circuits) & coffee bar
  • Official Programme
  • The VIP Village 'game' where you can win cool prizes (such as sitting on the pit lane wall at the start of the MotoGP - photo to right was taken by a lucky customer!)

We can tell you what it is REALLY about. VIP is privilige. You aren't sharing a grandstand with 2000 other close colleagues. This is where opportunity knocks. You drive past people slogging it in on foot (many circuits you go right into the paddock and park). You meet interesting people. You collect team posters and memorabilia. You get great photo opportunities. Sometimes riders and other celebrities turn up (or you bump into them on the paddock tour). You hear rumours and learn news before the news.

You feel like you are a participant, not just an observer.

Over the years we have developed a circle of people we used to call customers. Now we think of them as friends. Join this circle. Be warned again: once you go VIP, there is no going back!

Buying from us: You can buy VIP Village tickets from many sources (actually not, there are only a very few authorised agents); but only we commit to BEING THERE.

This means a lot in practice - we are there if you have questions or need advice. We know you may not be a MotoGP expert - so we can explain how it all works, what the qualifying thingy is all about, the flags, when is a man 'offside', and other arcane lore.

For events that we have significant presence we will have a private VIP Village area which means we can add yet more value to your experience. We usually bring in a guest speaker, have our own materials, books, posters, contests, hostesses, and anything else we think of... Great fun!

If you are a package customer (which of course we recommend to get the full experience) we deliver tickets to your hotel along with your other packaged goods. Otherwise we will courier tickets to you; or if you are a high flyer and won't be convenient to UPS, we can deliver them to you personally at the track.

See below for advantages of buying tickets through us.

Gold - Race day - 8:30-17:00

This is the Race Day ticket (Sunday apart from Assen and Qatar where is it Saturday). This is always the most manic day of the weekend of course. GET THERE EARLY. Sign up for tours. Have a quick breakfast. Review the programme. You want to get a Paddock tour early- 30 mins before the MotoGP warmup is the best time to see the riders make their way to the pits. Don't miss the pit lane walk (usually about 1030): the MotoGP bikes are cooling off in the pits and the paddock girls will be handing out posters and other goodies (yes, they like to be photographed with you!)

The rest of the day is about the races so find a good spot to see them from - some people like outdoors; some stay in the pavilion. Your ticket gives you access to most of the track, perhaps watch the 125 from the back curves, and then return to the VIP enclosure for lunch and watch the 250. Lunch at 12.30 but it goes a while, so you can be flexible. The MotoGP is usually at 1400 - most circuits give you a spot near the start grid - BE THERE! The start of a MotoGP is an indescribable experience. We will give you earplugs if you need.

After the race, work your way through the cocktail menu, sweets and petit fours as you discuss the result with your new friends. if you are on a package with us, we will collect you at the closing of the Village, or we can organise a taxi for you.

Silver - Qualifying day - 8:30-17:00

You can purchase race day on its own (Gold) but we strongly recommend you get the 2-day (Gold & Silver) passes. Qualifying day (usually Saturday) is the best day to get 'behind the scenes' and really get to know the track, the paddock, scope the vest viewing,and generally see things when the crowds are lighter.

Get on several paddock tours if you can (see note above for timing); and of course service road tours are a must if available at the circuit. Pick a time when the bikes are on the track. Pit Lane walk is about lunchtime (hint, leave it a little early, otherwise you will hit queues for the buffet!) This is a good day for going walkabout. Get to know the track from different points - see the lines the racers take so you can anticipate the action points when you are watching the race. A good day to hit the shops as well, before all the good merchandise is sold out! (We usually have some extras of our event polo shirts and caps for sale)

Extras, parties and excursions

Its about doing it right & having fun...

We are destination specialists. Its not just about buying up a lot of tickets and hotel rooms; our mission is to maximise your travel experience. It is our belief that (for example) that you are coming to Valencia and taking in a motoGP; the destination is not merely some backdrop inconveniently far from your home...

So we always offer a number of products 'around' the core motoGP experience. Its about:

  • Getting you around efficiently to maximise your time and experience
  • Interacting with the local culture and feeling you've been somewhere different
  • Facilitating social interactions - giving you more opportunity to meet fellow moto-heads and strike up friendships
  • Education: you will learn some Czech if you come to Brno with us!
  • Creating memories.

The destination is the star!


We always throw an opening reception to give people a chance to meet and get into the swing of things for the weekend. For smaller events it may just be a few tables at the hotel bar. For our big events these can be rocking affairs! At Brno we have a huge trackside party with many riders and seldom fewer than 200 guests. At Sepang we do a 5* dinner with top star speakers. Our Isle of Man opening dinner always features some TT legends and current riders. Our opening reception is usually INCLUDED in most packages.

Charity work

Many of our events also double as charity fund raisers - where we hold fun auctions of cool and unique merchandise with all proceeds going to some great causes! In Brno we support Two Wheels for Life (formerly known as Riders for Health); in Silverstone it is child support charity One Step at a time; in Valencia we are proud sponsors of Down Syndrome Ireland; at the Isle of Man it is the Joey Dunlop Foundation; and in Misano we sponsor the cool Spurtleda58 Kariing race in benefit of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation.


Possibly a euphamism for another type of party... For our bigger GPs we will put on special events to give you even more opportunities to drink beer! In Brno we hold the annual Charity.GP - we literally organise a pissup in the Starobrno Brewery! We are planning a launch for a motoGP team, and mulling over other cool ideas...!

Activities & Excursions

It isn't all bikes with us. In Qatar we take the 4x4s out dune bashing, in Valencia it is an amazing "tapas tour" of the city. We do a City tour of Kuala Lumpur and visit the insanely cute Penguin Parade at Phillip Island! We often add an optional 'cultural' excursions - and feel free to ask us for advice if you want a suggestion on what you can do yourself. After all, most of these destinations we have been visiting for many years. For some events which are "back to back" on adjacent weekends, we offer inter-event tours. Such as Brno-Austria via a few days in Vienna or Assen-Sachsenring via Berlin. Huge fun and a great way to carry the momentum from one event to the next (AND we discount both events for you!)


Traffic? What traffic? We are working with several circuits to provide air transfers. Of course limos, coaches, taxis, buses, and even motorcycle hire fall into our remit. We don't generally organise air fare, apart from flight-inclusive packages; however we can recommend, or organise at cost -- in this case we charge a flat administration fee and pass the direct costs to you. This is good for groups or people with complicated travel plans.

Private / Corporate services

For groups we can organise private affairs of just about anything. We have taken people to casinos, conducted private beer tours, organised group dinners, done wine tastings. Talk to us!


We produce groovy high-quality merchandise for most events and some 'generic'. Prove you were there with a 'Mugello 2017' polo shirt! All done with embroidered logos and a quality brand.


Please note that all our products can be quoted and booked online. Online bookings do NOT take immediate payment but allow for later changes. We are experiencing longer than 48 hours before we are responding to the contact form.

If you are not confident with our online quotation/booking system, feel free to give us a call. Use one of the phone numbers on the right hand side, or you can also use our enquiry form by clicking on the link below. Please provide us with as much information as possible, this will help us to serve you more accurately and efficiently, and build the best possible experience for you!
Thank you, PPT team!
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