The Pole Position Club

Guest of Moto2 or Moto3 team or rider. ||Weekend paddock access (Fri/Sat/Sun) |Use of team hospitality including lunch & drinks |Garage visits and tour |One or more visit to the service road while in session (more in Moto2 than Moto3) |Rider meet & greet |Team merchandise |Access to Team and Pole Postion Travel guide |Parking on request

What do you get in Pole Position Club?

  • Access to the MotoGP paddock
  • P2 parking pass (based on 1 pass per 4 guests, as available)
  • Lunch in team hospitality inside the paddock
  • Snacks and drinks from 9 a.m to 5 p.m in team hospitality
  • Merchandise bag
  • PPT guide
  • Riders meet & greet
  • Paddock tours
  • Team garage access
  • Saturday night dinner (optional)
  • Grid access (PLATINUM)

Our partner teams are:

What's Included in Pole Position Club?

  • Sheltered unit shared with Team. Includes CCTV, WiFi, USB Charging station, dedicated seats at lunch time
  • Paddock pass
  • Welcome pack with official programme and merchandise
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks: soft drinks, coffee/tea, beer and wine
  • Guided tour of paddock and at least one garage
  • Amenities available including poster tubes, ear plugs, "sharpies" and more
  • Pole Position travel guides
all times variable
*access varies by circuit, we will recommend grandstand tickets where we feel they are necessary

A typical Saturday at the Pole Position Club

  • 09:00 Club opens. Join us for a coffee and a daily briefing with your guide. Collect your 'Welcome Pack' if you haven't already done so
  • 10:00 Watch some of the MOTOGP free practice from one of the general admission areas or the paddock viewing area*
  • 11:00 Take a meander through the paddock with one of our guides. We'll pop into a garage or two, probably bump into some riders, see key bit of the paddock such as Rossi's motorhome and the MotoGP trophy
  • 12:30 Perhaps stop at the club for a beer or wine and catch the Moto3 Qualifying practice on our CCTVs
  • 13:00 Buffet lunch at the PPC. Catch the MotoGP qualifying from your favourite vantage points - including some unusual views from within the paddock!
  • 15:00 Sometime we are lucky enough to have a guest rider visit the PPC, say hi and get some photos/autographs
  • 15:30 A perfect time to catch MotoGP riders as they emerge from their debriefs and head to the motorhomes... Perhaps a trip to indulge in some "retail therapy"?
  • 17:00 Sadly the PPC closes. You may stay in the paddock, but the hospitality is only open to those who have purchased the Saturday dinner.
  • 19:30 For those staying for din-din, you have the evening to wander the paddock, grab a beer from the fridge, and have dinner with the team and other guests. A special chilled-out evening!

Upgrade your experience:
Club Superior and Club Platinum

While the standard experience is a great way to be part of the paddock, for a touch more comfort and experience, why not consider upgrading to our new Moto2/Moto3 partner team Aspar/Angel Nieto? A former MotoGP team, they still have MotoGP-quality hospitality.

The Superior upgrade includes all the features of standard Pole Position Club plus:

  • MotoGP-quality hospitality with Team Aspar
  • Access & visit to Moto3 garage (as well as Moto2)
  • Team merchandise
  • Optional further upgrade to Platinum which puts you on the Moto2 Star Grid!
The Pole Position Club 2022 prices
Event PP Club Sunday Moto2 Team Moto3 Team Guest Moto2 Platinum Moto3 Platinum Guest
24/4/: Grand Prix of Portugal 2022 €629 RESERVE €1690 RESERVE €995 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €1195 RESERVE
01/05: Gran Premio De España 2022 €629 CALL €1690 CALL n/a €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a
15/05: Grand Prix De France 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
29/05: Gran Premio d’Italia 2022 €695 CALL €1690 CALL n/a €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a
05/06: Gran Premi de Catalunya 2022 €695 CALL €1690 CALL n/a €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a
19/06: Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
26/06: TT Assen 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
10/07: Finland Grand Prix 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
07/08: British Grand Prix 2022 £1500 RESERVE £1690 RESERVE n/a £2000 SOLD OUT £850 RESERVE n/a
21/08: Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 SOLD OUT
18/09: Gran Premio de Aragón 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
04/09: Gran Premio di San Marino 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
06/11: Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valencia 2022 €1690 RESERVE €2365 RESERVE €995 RESERVE n/a €1195 RESERVE
Typical options for The Pole Position Club
Option name Inclusion Price EUR Restriction
Hand delivery at event optional 40 Non packaged only
Friday Opening party optional 55
Saturday PPC Paddock Dinner optional 50
Collection at Accreditation centre optional 0 Non packaged only
Delivery with package included 0 Packaged only
Parking pass requested (auto) optional 1 Non packaged only
Insider's Night (Thursday) optional 110
Packaged ticket discount optional -40 Packaged only
Grandstand ticket add-on optional 175

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The Pole Position Club is our European Moto2/3 team experience that gives you the exclusive opportunity to experience the MotoGP Championship from behind the scenes. You will have access to the paddock as a guest of one of our partner teams, and through your attendance, you are directly supporting our sponsored teams & riders. You will have use of the team's unit for lunch as well as refreshments throughout the day. You will receive a welcome pack with handy tote bag, earplugs, official event programme, indelible "signing" pen; and other conveniences such as poster tubes are available. There will be a Pole Position Travel guide as well as a team rep who will schedule rider visits, paddock/garage tours, provide meal times and assist you with getting the most out of your Paddock Experience. Optionally you can join us for our Saturday night paddock dinner for a small extra cost. Valid Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Upgrade to Platinum to join the start grid! Discounted when booked with package.