Pole Position Travel is a proud supporter and Official Travel Partner of

Fandom Pay

How about a payment card which gives you discounts on all products of Pole Position Travel and many other providers of merchandise and services of interest to the bike racing fan? Gives you automatic entry to monthly competitions with super prizes? Gets you points towards rewards that you simply can't buy?

The recently announced major sponsor of MotoGP™ Fandom Pay is a MasterCard which gets you all this! Pole Position Travel are honoured launch partners, and you will be able to purchase almost all of our products with a substantial discount if you pay with your Fandom Pay card.


How it works

To enjoy the benefits, you simply download the app on Apple or Google. You then set up your secure account, and apply for a physical card. You can top up the card with any amount, and the card is accepted anywhere a MasterCard symbol is displayed.

Pole Position Travel customers may apply to obtain a unique Fandom Pay one-use discount code, which you use when you make your booking, enabling a major discount on our services and products!

And Moto-fans be on the alert! Soon you will be able to personalise your card with your fave photo! So be sure to get your cool selfie with Vale! :-)

Get Fandom Pay

More information and how to sign up and download the Fandom Pay app on IOS or Android