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Please note that we are delighted to send a personalised quotation, however be aware thatn most common packages (packages + tickets) can be booked directly online. Online bookings save a €20 handling fee.

Price advice: While by no means a quotation, to help you guide your planning, we have indicated very rough prices for many of the categories of products. For example: (€400 pp) indicates you can expect to spend ABOUT this amount per person for a standard booking (usually 3 days in the case of a package)

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*Less than 16 years at date of event. Age limits for children vary from event to event, please provide childrens' ages in the comment box. Infants 2 years or younger are free for all products. Please let us know if you require a crib or other equipment.


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Most of our packages are for 3 nights, however we can always do longer, and sometimes shorter durations.


The choices below will give you a rough idea of costs. All our products are chosen for their good value for money; however if you would like us to help manage your budget and suggest the most cost-effective plan based on our experiences, we would be very happy to work with you.

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We offer additional activities and excursions for most events. All packages entitle you to our Thursday evening Happy Hours, and Friday opening reception; some packages include some of the following services as well.