Isle of Man Classic TT relaunched! Superbikes AND Classics 26-29 August

Exciting new format combines the Manx TT (amateur racers) with the Classic TT (vintage bikes) for double the action! We run a top VIP tour. Nearly sold out.

The Isle of Man recently announced a restructuring of the famous festival of Motorcycling week, now combining the former Manx TT and the Classic TT under the one roof of the Manx Grand Prix.

There will now be 5 races:
Fri 26/Aug: Junior Manx Grand Prix Race (afternoon)
Sat 27/Aug: Senior Classic Manx Grand Prix Race (morning)
Lightweight Manx Grand Prix Race (afternoon)
Mon 29/Aug: Senior Manx Grand Prix Race (morning)
Superbike Classic Manx Grand Prix Race (afternoon)

Our original tour started on Friday for 4 nights; we have maintained this but can accept (and strongly encourage!) bookings from Thursday to get the full racing (or arrive Friday morning).

We have plans for each of the exciting race days plus the usual evening mayhem in Douglas!

The Classic TT is a brilliant counter point to the TT -- same track, same Island, many of the same riders, but a far more laid back environment and the usual 'total immersion' in Motorcycling! One not to miss!

Book now -- nearly sold out.

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