Pole Position Travel is a proud supporter and Official Travel Partner of

Two Wheels for Life

Motocycles save lives. One of the most practical and effective charities we have ever seen exploits what we enthusiasts have known for a long time: motorcycles are the most effective means of ground transport. Two Wheels for Life provides motorcycle, maintenance depots and training for health professionals in various countries in Africa to bring vital health services to rural populations.

Pole Position Travel has been a stauch supporter of the charity since 2006. We have run numerous charity auctions, contributed prizes to other auctions such as Day of Champions and augmenting services such as the Two Wheels for Life paddock passes. We even sponsored and participated on a ride across Zambia in 2015! We estimate we have raised directly or indirectly over €200,000 for the charity since 2006.


Zambia riders 2015 (See our blog about the trip)

John McPhee joins us on the Silverstone stage

How can you help?

We encourage all our customers to help support this vitial charity. Here are some ideas:

  • Participate in one of our charity auctions, currently at our Friday opening events in Brno, Silverstone and Valencia
  • Bid for paddock passes at any event - we supply the in-paddock hospitality as part of our Pole Position Club!
  • Do the ultimate experience of riding on the Ducati pillion of Randy Mamola or his colleague at Silverstone!
  • Ride an eBike! A lap in front of the entire crowd! With paddock and VIP of course.
  • Attend any of the Two Wheels for Life events, such as Day of Champions, or paddock days in Aragon & Valencia. If you are a package customer with us we will help facilitate your participation
  • Join us on the next Africa Ride! This will be the experience of a lifetime as we use the Two Wheels for Life bikes and ride the very same "roads" used by the health professionals.
  • Donate! It's tax deductible and you get bragging rights! (And we will love you!)

For all of these and more, you can contact us, or visit the Two Wheels for Life web site below.

More about Two Wheels for Life

Find out more about this amazing charity and how you can help and participate