30th - 2nd July 2023

WSBK Donington 2023 - Event recap

If you loved this iconic track and were sad to see them lose the MotoGP; come to the only British SBK round to see Craner and all our other favourite corners! Home circuit of the World Champion Jonathan Rea and our partners Kawasaki!

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Event review - WSBK Donington 2023

We arrived to Donington to find cool weather -- a blessed relief from the past 6 weeks of scorching weather!

However Friday sessions were a bit wet, so we were shortly hoping for a return of the summer sun!

Our base at the nearby Leonardo's Hotel was perfect - a 5 minute drive; with a great bar and restaurant.

Kawasaki laid out the 'green carpet' for us including a comprehensive tour of the garage and facilities.

We had full access to the iconic Donington circuit -- definitely a circuit you want to see from many corners! The paddock show, podium, parc ferme are all open to paddock guests, a great atmosphere!

Several guests were in the lovely Goddards suites with the SBK VIP. Great location on the final corner and of course full paddock access.

Picture gallery - WSBK Donington 2023

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