Portugal MotoGP Algarve Club VIP

The air conditioned Algarve Club is in the VIP Tower with some of the best views in any MotoGP venue. 360° panoramas allow you to see nearly every corner of the track. Excellent catering including lunch, wine, champagne & beer means you can enjoy a drink while watching your favourite sport in comfort. Tickets are valid all three days.
There are facilities on all four floors of the tower, but based on our experience, the top floor "Algarve Club" is the way to go. We will have staff on hand to ensure a top experience, and if permitted will have one of our riders or special guests join us at some point.
All photos have been taken by PPT staff from the Tower, mostly top floor. If you are driving be sure to request a parking pass.

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Hospitality - Tower VIP - 3 days
€295 £257

Tower VIP with sensational views. Includes general admission. PPT staff on hand.
Tickets valid 3 days and admit 1 person
no child rate

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