Le Mans Launch! Relive the 'save of the century' with our guest Jakub Kornfeil Friday!

We are delighted to announce we are returning to Le Mans in our traditional hotel right in the heart of the city and an easy door-to-door tram ride to the track. Sunday join us for dinner with Rossi*

Our package puts you in the very centre of lovely medieval Le Mans city, where you will enjoy the brilliantly convenient tram which runs from just outside the hotel to the track gate, and right into the action.

[ID: 16610]  (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))

Out Friday night opening dinner is always an eye-opener as we have a small gathering with a top MotoGP expert and usually a rider or two, alongside a great meal and drinks from the superb adjoining bar & restaurant.

*oh, and of course we meant the more locally-famous French rider, Louis Rossi who since his Moto3 days (and sensational home victory in his home town of Le Mans) now runs a restaurant which we optionally frequent on Sunday night!

[ID: 16609] Closing dinner in Le Mans (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))

Always a brilliant, relaxed weekend of great racing! And you MUST see the historic section of the city, with one of Europe's finest cathedrals and more

[ID: 16608] Closing dinner in Le Mans (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))

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