MotoGP VIP Village™

For the ultimate experience of MotoGP™ worldwide, there is no substitute for the official VIP Village. Forget the queues, the crowds, the endless trudge to the grandstands, the inability to escape the heat (or rain), once you go VIP you will never go back!
The VIP Village features pit lane walks, paddock tours, service road tours (not all circuits), luxury catering, open bar (not all circuits), free programme, race reports, closed circuit TVs, superb indoor and outdoor viewing, access to most of the rest of the track, and perhaps best of all the camaraderie of fellow VIP moto fans! This is also where opportunity knocks - we have had customers meet riders, get autographs, souvenirs, and other treats. Tickets available for two days or (in Europe) just race day.

The VIP Village is open on Saturday and Sunday. At some venues (Europe and Argentina) you may purchase Sunday only. If you wish Friday access, you will need to purchase a Friday ticket for some venues, or you can opt for the Pole Position Club Friday as a guest in the paddock of our Moto2 team.

What do you get in MotoGP VIP Village™?

  • Superb climate-controlled facility (location varies by event: Pit roof terrace, Infield marquee, Pit building suite, Ground level marquee)
  • VIP parking pass (based on 1 pass per 4 guests, as available)
  • CCTV throughout. Additional viewing facilities vary by venue (private grandstand, viewing terrace, others)
  • Open bar with wine, beer, spirits (specific vary by event)
  • Breakfast, gourmet lunch and all-day snacks and sweets
  • Escorted paddock walk
  • Pit Lane walk Saturday and Sunday
  • BMW X5 service road tour (included in Qatar, Le Mans, Germany, Brno and Aragon, on raffle basis at others)
  • VIP raffle prizes (merchandise, pit wall, service road tours, MotoE Grid, more...)
  • Official event programme (only distributed on Sunday - for a copy on Saturday please ask your PPT guide))
  • Private lounges available for groups (50+ depending on venue. Please enquire.)

Added benefits with Pole Position Travel

Booking with us means you get further benefits above the already superb VIP Village "standard".
  • Professional and deeply experienced PPT guide available to maximise your experience*
  • A private paddock tour and visit to the garage of one of our sponsored teams
  • Guest speakers/riders**
  • Handy accessories to improve your experience: ear plugs, poster tubes, lanyards, "sharpies" - anything you might need just ask your guide!
  • Optional "Team Experience" as a guest of one of our sponsored teams for Friday or all weekend
  • Personalised place settings. Customised tables for parties of 10 or more.
*At events with 10 or more guests, a PPT VIP Village guide will be permanently assigned. For fewer guests, the guide will check in periodically and you will have a cell phone number for any questions.
**Only at events with sufficient number of guests and subject to circumstances; otherwise you will meet rider(s) on your private paddock tour.

VIP++ -- The Team Experience option

How can you make an already great product even better?

As an added benefit, booking through Pole Position Travel, you may add a "Team Experience" as a guest of one of our sponsored Moto2 or MotoGP teams. This sets you up as a guest of the team while still retaining all your VIP Village benefits.

  • In Europe: You are part of our Moto2 "Pole Position Club", with all benefits apart from lunch Saturday and Sunday. You will be able to visit our Moto2 team unit at any time using your paddock pass. You may participate in garage tours and 'meet the rider' sessions. You may request items from our club (as available): draw string bags, poster tube, ear plugs. We also have USB phone chargers and WiFi.
  • At fly-away events: You will be a guest of one of our MotoGP™ teams. You will visit the garage, have a session on the service road (where present), have lunch in the paddock on Friday, and we organise a garage tour or rider meeting. n.b. there is no "team hospitality" per se at fly-away events.
  • Platinum - the ultimate upgrade: For either team experience, you may opt for one of our very limited "Platinum" upgrades, which adds access to the start grid in your class (Moto2 in Europe, MotoGP in fly-aways)
MotoGP VIP Village™ 2020 prices

Event Sunday Saturday/Sunday Sat/Sun Team Exp Sat/Sun Platinum
Sepang MotoGP Test 2020 - no VIP Village available, click for alternatives
Grand Prix of Qatar 2020   €1045 BUY €1375 BUY €3000 BUY
Thailand Grand Prix 2020   €1240 BUY €1570 BUY €2950 CALL
Grand Prix of The Americas 2020     $1650 BUY $3050 BUY
Gran Premio de la República Argentina 2020 $900 BUY $1145 BUY    
Gran Premio De España 2020 €980 BUY €1245 BUY    
Grand Prix De France 2020 €980 BUY €1240 BUY    
Gran Premio d’Italia 2020 €1225 BUY €1490 BUY    
Gran Premi de Catalunya 2020 €980 BUY €1245 BUY    
Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2020 €975 BUY €1235 BUY    
TT Assen 2020 €870 BUY €1100 BUY    
Finland Grand Prix 2020 €1245 BUY €1515 BUY    
Grand Prix České republiky 2020 €980 BUY €1245 BUY    
Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2020 €1060 BUY €1320 BUY    
British Grand Prix 2020 £1085 BUY £1315 BUY    
Gran Premio di San Marino 2020 €1225 BUY €1490 BUY    
Gran Premio de Aragón 2020 €980 BUY €1245 BUY    
Grand Prix of Japan 2020 - no VIP Village available, click for alternatives
Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2020 - no VIP Village available, click for alternatives
Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2020   €1240 BUY €1570 BUY €3000 BUY
Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valencia 2020 €980 BUY €1245 BUY    

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