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We are THE MotoGP No.1 specialists making your weekend an unforgettable experience


We are MotoGP, SBK event & travel specialists. You know your local market.

We work with a number of agencies who are putting together MotoGP packages and tours. We can offer commissions, allocations and can be flexible in helping you prosecute your sales programme. We can set you up on our system with a private login which allows you to add customers as they book with you, and advertise your tours on our web sites. For sufficiently large groups, we will assign a private guide and of course organise local excursions and other benefits to your customers.

We generally try to partner with one agency in each country who we expect will add value to local clientele by adding flights, local language and currency, other add-ons. We provide the core products, you provide the market.

We will put a link to your web site in your language on the appropriate page of our site. e.g. if you are a Hungarian agency offering trips to the Valencia GP through us, we will put a note in Hungarian to visitors to our Valencia.gp web site suggesting they visit your web site.

To discuss opportunities, please contact us on agencies@polepositiontravel.com


Please note that all our products can be quoted and booked online. Online bookings do NOT take immediate payment but allow for later changes. We are experiencing longer than 48 hours before we are responding to the contact form.

If you are not confident with our online quotation/booking system, feel free to give us a call. Use one of the phone numbers on the right hand side, or you can also use our enquiry form by clicking on the link below. Please provide us with as much information as possible, this will help us to serve you more accurately and efficiently, and build the best possible experience for you!
Thank you, PPT team!
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