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What is it about the Dutch?! You think this is a straight-laced country with a somewhat reserved image? Then you come to Assen and experience what is always the biggest non-stop party of the year! The campgrounds turn into impromptu outdoor rock festivals, and the towns are crawling with Dutch bike fans day and night.

If WSB ever had a spiritual home Assen would be a top contender for the title. Even after the shortening of the circuit a few years ago it still retains much of its character with high speed and heavily cambered corners leading on to good straights allowing out-breaking manoeuvres for the bravest riders. Both MotoGP and WSB have seen many of their most exciting races take place here amongst the dikes and canals of Northern Holland. This is a fantastic track with lots of action points and great viewing. The track itself is flat as a pancake; but hills have been built up around it to afford many superb vantage points.

Our package puts you right IN Assen - (longish) walking distance to the track - but we will provide transport. We stay in a modern 4* hotel, with great breakfast; and our package INCLUDES dinner Saturday night; after which you may want to take the 15 minute stroll to the centre of town for the awesome street party!

The package also includes general admission all weekend, Saturday paddock pass and roving grandstand tickets for Sunday race day; which means you can get around the whole track to the excellent viewing. Of course we strongly encourage you to upgrade to full team experience or VIP; either of which makes you a guest of factory team Kawasaki!

n.b. as in all our SBK events, we require a minimum number of attendees to send a guide. If we fail to reach that number you will be offered a reduced price for a 'self guided' package or full refund.

Circuit information

WSBK Assen 2019 Circuit map

WSBK Assen 2019

12th - 14th April 2019

CircuitTT Circuit Assen
On site helpline
Backup+44 191 406 6260

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All packages below include accommodation, track transfers, track-side opening party, and our expert guiding services. You choose your tickets to match your expectation and you have a perfect weekend. Just click on the package name, select your tickets, party size, dates, and rooming and you are done!

REMEMBER: PRICES ARE QUOTED WITHOUT TICKETS. You may choose any ticket with any package when booking.

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WSBK Assen 2019 Circuit map
We offer three choices for your trackside experience:
- Paddock pass, which gives you access to the entire circuit, but no hospitality or other services;
- Kawasaki Team Experience which includes the paddock pass and gives you access to the Kawasaki garage, a private tour, meeting the riders and their small team unit (STRONGLY recommended); or finally
- The official SBK VIP hospitality, which we offer as "VIP Plus" as it includes all the above plus a brilliant enclosed lounge above the pits; a private viewing terrace, guest speakers, lunch, snacks, beer & wine, and much more.

For both Team and VIP you will have access to our guide at the track who will introduce you to riders & teams, show you some garages and generally help to ensure you have a whale of a time!

All are discounted if you purchase with the package.

Passes are collected at the accreditation centre for non-packaged customers.

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Parties & excursions

We always throw an opening reception to give people a chance to meet and get into the swing of things for the weekend. For smaller events it may just be a few tables at the hotel bar. For our big events these can be rocking affairs! At Brno 2006 we had a pig roast in the lcoal monastery; in Laguna Seca this year we take over the most famous sports bar in Monterey. Our opening reception is usually INCLUDED in most packages.


Sorry, no parties available at the moment!

Practical information

The party event! Great racing, and non-stop action on- and off-track. We'd tell you more if we could remember it!


Last years event


WSBK Assen 2018

22nd April 2018

Of course we have been here last year as well! Check out last years results, report and of course pictures!


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