5th - 7th April 2024

Gran Premio de la República Argentina 2024

Awesome circuit, incredibly friendly and welcoming people; this is THE event if you want to combine with a holiday. We run a flights-inclusive package from Buenos Aires to take out all the hassle of planning this event. ENQUIRE SOON - we close package bookings 1st week of January and need a min number.

Gran Premio de la República Argentina 2024 event description

We have to admit that we thought the inaugural MotoGP of Argentina in 2014 was going to be a disaster... However we took the plunge and led a very small tour there. We were rewarded with a delightful event: a town that welcomed us with open arms, a place where you could meet all riders frequently, and a track that even with some unfinished facilities was exciting and much admired by the racers!

We now have the event pretty well wired... Termas de Rio Hondo is a classic small spa town, perfect for tourism and a relaxing getaway. It has to be said it is not the easiest place to get to! To help make this a no-brainer for you however, this year we are offering a flight-inclusive package from Buenos Aires. Just be at the airport at the appointed hour Wednesday morning and we take care of you every step thereafter, returning you Monday evening.

This means you can easily plan your holiday break - just fly yourself to Buenos Aires, spend some time in this vibrant city or take an excursion to one of Argentina's many natural beauty spots; and then meet us to go to the races! You can even book your Buenos Aires hotel with us - we stay in a superb 4* hotel right in the city centre. Ideal to join us Tuesday night, and also meet your guide for a drink!

You may also elect not to take our flight and make your own way there - we can collect you from the airport (no charge from Rio Hondo).

We have managed to secure a number of hotel rooms right IN Termas de Rio Hondo -- all within a short 15 minute drive to the track, and easy walk to each other and the town's many amenities. We have one of the top rated 4* hotels in town, and all packages are 5 (or more if you are not on our flights) nights B&B

Friday evening we have a special dinner with a team! You will meet the riders and principles, and of course have a great time, food and drink. After our Wednesday arrival we have drinks and dinner as part of the package as well, to orient yourselves. Thursday is a free day (jet lag recovery?!) and in the evening we have a few drinks, usually with a friendly rider. The rest of the evenings are ad-hoc, but in a town packed with MotoGP riders and very very few foreign tourists, we can't fail to have a great time!

Trackside, we strongly recommend the VIP Village -- this will be the top hospitality, and include open PADDOCK access! You can also opt for a Team Experience, also with paddock access, and team meetings, garage visits and for MotoGP we add TRACK visits and a small hospitality. Our guide will be on hand to ensure you get the top experience of either! We can also offer grandstand or general admission tickets, although in our experience these get pretty crowded and the facilities are limited.

We fly back Monday afternoon. Again we can get you from the airport and/or put you up in BA.

We will have our top guides on hand to ensure that this event will be one to remember.

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