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Motorcycle Grand Prix

Motorcycle Grand Prix is the premier motorcycle racing tournament in the world. The top class, MotoGP, features unique prototype bikes with top speeds well in excess of 200mph/360kph and of course the best riders on the planet. Six major manufacturers battle in the top class, with further brands appearing in the equally exciting support classes Moto3 and Moto2. The MotoE class has been recently added to show off coming electric motorcycles. The tournament takes place across the world in 20 different venues, with the bulk occurring in Europe.

MotoGP also provides world class hospitality options and unique access to teams and riders is feasible, making it an ideal, exciting and cost-effective option for top VIP and corporate events.

Pole Position Travel has been operating tours to MotoGP events since 2002, and we are proud partners of the organisers Dorna Sports, three MotoGP Teams, a Moto2 team and sponsors of several riders across all classes; investing heavily back into the sport we love.

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