Misano Helicopter Transfer

What a way to enter the circuit! Hassle free transport that has style of the 21st century. Sunday make traffic the thing of the past by a helicopter transfer to the track. After a relaxing breakfast, we take you in a private car to the helipad, where you board the chopper for the short hop to the circuit. We meet you at that end, and escort you the VIP Village or wherever you need to go at the circuit. Your helicopter pass on a lanyard identifies you are a high flyer! Same journey in reverse at the end of the day.
Only available to package guests (we strongly recommend with Deluxe package)

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Helicopter transfer - Airport-Circuit - Sunday
€675 €690 £580

Helicopter transfer from helipad to circuit and return. Chauffeured service to/from departure point, met by PPT guide on landing.
Admit 2 people
no child rate