13th - 15th October 2023

Indonesian Grand Prix 2023 - Tickets, VIP & Team Experience

We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible).

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Team Experiences (with paddock access)

ClubGP Team Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
Moto3 Team - Standard Kaito Toba-SIC58 Info €1000 AU$1607 RESERVE
Moto2 Team - Standard Info €1350 AU$2169 RESERVE
Moto3 Team - Platinum Info €1250 AU$2009 RESERVE
Moto2 Team - Platinum Info €1950 AU$3134 RESERVE
MotoGP Team - Standard Info €2100 AU$3375 RESERVE
MotoGP Team - Platinum Info €3000 AU$4821 RESERVE

VIP & Hospitality tickets

MotoGP VIP Village™ Indonesia INFO PRICE
VIP Village - VIP Lounge Saturday & Sunday (2 day) Info €1865 AU$2997 RESERVE

Grandstands / General admission tickets

Mandalika MotoGP Tickets INFO PRICE
Grandstands - UNSPECIFIED Weekend Info €0 PACKAGED ONLY
Indonesian Grand Prix 2023 Circuit map

Also see the PADDOCK GUIDE for access and viewing for Team Experience guests (2022 guide so subject to change)

Ticket information has not yet been released, so we are just recording your preference at the moment.

VIP Village will be the top experience of the event, and highly recommended.

We hope to be able to offer other hospitality options,but this cannot be guaranteed at this time

We also are able to offer
Team Experiences with one of our partner MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 teams. These are discounted if you purchase with a package (strongly recommend to maximise your experience)

*Note: All access may be affected by COVID restrictions. We will keep you informed of any requirements.