2nd - 4th September 2022

Gran Premio di San Marino 2022 - Tour packages

You can spend a lot of time organising hotels, tickets, ground transport, and arrive with no one to help you, provide advice, offer cool evening options... or you can have us sort it all in a matter of a few minutes. We do a lot of work to find the best value accommodations, transport, parties and great 'extras'. Our flexible 'mix and match' system means we can provide ANY ticket with ANY package.

Complete tour packages with accommodation, guides & ground transport

Sorry, no packages available at the moment!

REMEMBER: PRICES ARE QUOTED WITHOUT TICKETS. You may choose any ticket with any package when booking.

San Marino is one of our larger events, and we have packages for all budgets and styles. All packages include bed, breakfast, track transfers on Sat/Sun, access to our guides and our opening party on Friday. All hotels are in the lovely town of Riccione, which is the heart of the night life and atmosphere of the MotoGP weekend. All hotels have been personally inspected. All hotels are also easy access to the beach, some better than others. All hotels have secure motorcycle parking. Let us know any special requests.

Choose the Classic package when your real focus is trackside, and the town nightlife. The hotel is great, simple and you will not be disappointed. The Beach package is set in a 4* seaside hotel of outstanding quality and service. The Deluxe package is for VIPs. Simply the top luxury hotel in the region.

If you have your own accommodation, don't panic. We can offer a very limited number of "no accommodation" packages permitting you to participate in the entire programme as if you were a full package customer. Just show up at our hotel on time!

FRIDAY TRACK TRANSFERS are now offered FOC to any customer who has booked a package with us Thursday night. You must still pre-book, and you need to ensure you have Friday credentials (3 day or Friday tickets. VIP Village does NOT permit Friday access, we can provide at cost. Must be requested in advance.)