San Marino VIP Village

The top hospitality at any MotoGP event is the official MotoGP VIP Village. Featuring luxury catering, top climate controlled facilities, CCTV and exclusive services, this is the best choice for comfort and style. Open Saturday and Sunday, you will get breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and an open bar. There is a pit lane walk each day, and you can sign up for paddock tours (non-European rounds enjoy open paddock access). For parties of 10 or more we can customise your table. Booking with Pole Position Travel means you also have a private VIP guide on hand to help maximise your experience. Riders and paddock guests often appear. We strongly urge you to book both days. Misano notes: Marquee on infield near turn 1, private grandstand on main straight (no TV). No general admission, recommend purchase of g/s ticket. Full bar. Short walk from car park. Discounted €50 if booked with package! Parking passes provided on request, guaranteed only for parties of 4 or more.

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VIP Village - VIP Lounge - Saturday & Sunday (2 day)
€2225 £1932

A/C pavilion inside turn 1, paddock tours, pit lane walks, private grandstand, luxury catering, expert host. Private paddock tours
Tickets valid 2 days and admit 1 person
EUR 1113 for children between 2 and 15 yrs (<2 free) at event