Japanese Grand Prix VIP Village

The Motegi VIP Village features top facilities with breakfast, lunch, beer/wine and drinks all day. There will be a Pole Position Travel guide on hand. Service road tour, pit lane walk. Strongly recommend purchase with Moto3/Moto2/MotoGP Team Experience.
VERY LIMITED availability.

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VIP Village - Platinum - MotoGP Team Guest
€5000 £4350

VIP Village 1 or 2 day. Parking 1 per 4 people (not reqd for packages). Friday circuit & paddock access (for 2 day tickets). PPT Staff. Platinum with MotoGP Team experience and Grid access
Tickets valid 3 days and admit 1 person
no child rate

VIP Village - VIP Lounge - Standard
€1850 £1609

Private a/c enclosed suite above main stands. Pit lane walks, service road tours. Open Sat/Sun. Extremely limited, preference to bookings as Moto3 or MotoGP Team Experience which add paddock & Friday access
Tickets valid 2 days and admit 1 person
no child rate