Mugello MotoGP Helicopter Fly-over

Mugello circuit is often said to be one of the most beautiful in MotoGP. The flights are a panoramic 8 minutes circulating the circuit - even when bikes are in session! Get your camera ready! The service includes transport from the main entrance (Red Helmet), taking you to the helipad. We will assign times closer to the event, but most will be on Saturday, and we will attempt to do during MotoGP sessions. You may request a specific time and we will try to accommodate (first come, first served). There may be waiting time as the helicopter shares the air space with the TV chopper. A PPT guide will escort you and take a snapshot as you
Reserved for our package customers only. Requires a Centrale grandstand, VIP Village or paddock ticket.

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Helicopter fly-ever the Mugello circuit. Exact time and day will be advised
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