New private VIP suite at Texas! Stunning experience and helping charity.

We are delighted to team up with VETMotorsports (helping USA veterans) to bring the top VIP experience of the Texas MotoGP in the prime location!

Join our private suite atop the garages on the first floor for the best experience of the MotoGP!

Featuring breakfast, lunch, snacks, full bar and the usual hospitality services; you will also have pit lane walks, open paddock access, CCTV and great balcony views.

But this is all the standard stuff - in our private suite we will feature guest riders and other speakers, special contests, goody bags and our own expert guides.

Or take it further and be a MotoGP Team guest which adds MotoGP garage visits and a rare opportunity to visit the trackside service road while bikes are in session! (Limited availability)

Or take the ultimate step and upgrade to Platinum - where you will join the MotoGP start grid!! (Very very limited availability)

A portion of all sales will go to our sponsored charity.

About the charity:

VETmotorsports was founded by USA military veterans to assist suicide prevention. A recent analysis found a suicide rate among veterans of about 30 per 100,000 population per year (about 16.8 per day), compared with the civilian rate of 14 per 100,000.

Staff and vets will be on hand and a portion of all ticket sales goes to the charity.

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