A story of walls. Aragón MotoGP Launched. Just a few places at the Castle.

If you are trying to collect 'em all, this is a European round that surprisingly few people make it to. Hard to get to, few hotel rooms, but a spectacular circuit. Grab one of our very few rooms in the Parador!

Aragón is definitely the event to go to if you want to do a Team Experience but can only do one. The opportunity to visit the stunning service road here is not to be missed. The crowds in the paddock are very thin, so you get better value and more attention.

But even if just in the grandstands, this is an event that reeks with atmosphere - more so than Mugello if you are staying in the heart of Alcaníz, where both of our packages are based. Maybe even bring earplugs... (We will supply if needed!)

See you there.

[ID: 15476] We go to the
MotoGP Team Experience guests can go touch the wall! (possibly the most beautiful service road in MotoGP)

(ID: 20877) The famous Parador - castle dominating the Alcaniz skyline. We stay here!
We only have a few rooms in the awesome Castle Alcaniz

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