Travelling to European events (mainly from UK)

If you are coming to European events in 2021 we have highlighted some important COVID travel advice.

If you are an EU citizen (NOT UK) travelling to the remaining rounds in Spain, Italy and Portugal, and you are fully vaccinated, there should be no barrier to your travel. However please be aware of changing rules over time.

Please note these rules change frequently, and these are guidelines at the date of the publication of this newsletter. We are not responsible for the contents and advise you check with the official sources before you travel.


Please refer in general to the UK travel restrictions

All countries accept proof of vaccination or a negative COVID PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

You must take a COVID test within 72 hours of your flight departure.

The test MAY be an anitgen or Lateral flow device (LFD). These typically yield results within 15 minutes of the test, and usually it is best to take at the departure airport.

Some circuits have testing facilities on site for the general public. We are checking these and will update this report as we learn more.

ALL circuits have testing facilities for paddock guests - ask us to help you book an appointment at one of these.

You must also book and pay for COVID-19 tests – to be taken after arrival in England. If you have been vaccinated, you only need to take the "Day 2" test. If you have not been vaccinated you will need to take day 2 and Day 8 tests.

Prices on these vary widely and the UK government site for this is not very helpful; many providers advertise very low prices (£20) but when you try to book, these are "sold out" and you have to pay a far higher price (typically £70 for a Day 2 only test).

FINALLY do not forget to complete the passenger locator form
within 48 hours of your return to the UK. These can be done the morning before you check in provided you have met the testing and post-arrival test booking requirements.

Spain, Italy and Portugal are all on the AMBER list


Valencia does NOT have a testing station on site. For your return we recommend getting to the airport at least an hour earlier (thus 3-4 hours before departure if not sooner)

Spanish airport testing is done by the reliable eurofins. You may pre-book.


We do not believe there is a testing station for the public at Portimao, however we are monitoring this.

You can test at the airport before departure. This is on a first-come, first-served basis but you can pre-pay. See

Again we recommend arrival 3-4 hours prior to departure.


Airport antigen testing on departure is possible, on a walk in basis, at a cost of €40.

Please bear in mind that we can no longer accept denial of travel as a valid cancellation for purposes of refunds. We will do all we can to help cancel elements of your booking for which we have not already paid, but we strongly recommend you take travel insurance which covers COVID-related travel failures.