Updated Deluxe package for Malaysian MotoGP Launched

Last places at our superb 5* hotel the Sama Sama - home to many teams and riders. Price reduced! Includes evening "Insider Night" with track tour!

Join us for 4+ nights at the sublime 5* Sama Sama hotel - home to many of the top teams and riders in MotoGP!

Our Deluxe tour includes:
- Thursday welcome drinks
- Friday opening dinner with star guest(s)
- Saturday "Insider Night" track tour, including visit to Simoncelli memorial and much more
- Sunday closing drinks, frequently joined by riders and other paddock denizens!
- Transfers, guide, welcome pack and tons of fun!

Plus choice of tickets -- we offer grandstands, Team Experience, a corporate suite in the Mall area and the superb VIP Village (with paddock access)

You will see why this is an event to which people make an annual pilgrimage!

[ID: 15660] We stop to pay homage to Marco (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))
We make a point to pay respects to Marco each year at turn 11. RIP my friend.