Portugal VIP Village

Dorna has opened the VIP Village for the first times in 2020 since Qatar! The a/c suite sits atop the pits with a great view to the main straight and start grid. CCTV and a small viewing area make this a comfortable spot to watch the action. Open Saturday and Sunday with all the usual services of breakfast, lunch, drinks (beer & wine) and other snacks.
PPT will have a guide on hand as always to help you get the best of this experience/.
n.b. for VIP Village regulars with us: we are unlikely to be able to do our private paddock and garage tours for this event owing to coronavirus restrictions.
Parking passes on request (guaranteed for parties of 4 or more)

VIP Village - VIP Lounge - 2 days
€1295 £1183

VIP Village 1 day (Gold) or 2 day (Silver/Gold). Silver holders may request Friday ticket from us for circuits not granting Friday access to VIP Village pass holders. Parking passes 1 per 4 people (not reqd for packages). Pole Position Staff will have access to VIP Village for any assistance.
Tickets valid 2 days and admit 1 person REQUEST ONLY Final price TBC
EUR 648 for children between 2 and 15 yrs (<2 free) at event

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