20th - 22nd November 2020

Grande Premio de Portugal 2020 - Parties & Excursions

MotoGP excursions, parties & extras


Join us Friday evening for dinner with some special guests to kick off the final event of the crazy 2020 season!
Full details and speakers will be announced, but as usual with our events there will be a rider or two plus a MotoGP Insider as compere and to share insights -- which will be fascinating owing to the strange season!
The event features dinner and reasonable amount of beer/wine and soft drinks. Transport from both package hotels.
Included in all packages, may be booked independently by non-package guests.

More info
Thursday night we have a 'happy hour' drink at each hotel to give you a chance to meet guides and fellow fans.

Friday night we will do a special dinner with several guests speakers and/or riders. This is included for all package guests.

Saturday night is a free evening. We can advise on cool restaurants -- or join your guide on a visit to the epic "Chicken Tavern"

Sunday night we have an optional 'winding down' dinner, your guide will tell you more.