22nd - 24th April 2022

Grand Prix of Portugal 2022

We were delighted when it was announced the event at Portimão was here to stay! Beautiful destination, lovely friendly country. The circuit is gorgeous - spring for the Tower VIP with stunning views. This has to be on your "must visit" list!

Grand Prix of Portugal 2022 event description

Brno is our flagship event - we have been bringing people here since 2002! The circuit is rated one of the best on the tournament and the event always is rated the most fun, best organised, and now largest. Come once and you will see why people come again and again! In the words of a customer: "You do all events well, but Brno is in a different league!"

As the largest agent for Brno, we have tickets in all grandstands; and recommend our favourite grandstand, T1, right at the head of the 'Stadium' - Brno's famous fast sweeping downhill double-chicane. Great action. Brno is blessed with great viewing throughout, all grandstands have large TV views - and even many of the general admission areas are on banked/grassy areas like natural tribunes.

If you are looking for upmarket action, we offer 4 hospitality options:
- Our
Team Experience offers you MotoGP in-paddock hospitality, garage visits, weekend paddock pass, and rider meets
- Our
Pole Position Club hospitality inside the paddock with garage visits and weekend pass.
- The
VIP Village is on top of the pit building looking out on to the pit straight.
- The
BrnoGrandPrix.com club is a tented chalet set near our T1 grandstand, offering hospitality, paddock tours and the best views of the track.

Anyone booking as package with us will be invited to our
Friday Charity GP opening party. This will include unlimited beer, outstanding food, special guests, and lots of fun. Each year we have guest riders, managers, team owners and members of the MotoGP circus turn up; and is one of our biggest events of the year!

Saturday night you can join us in the
MotoGP Night paddock for dinner. Sunday we feature our Brewery Dinner in a wonderful Czech brewery. Don't miss this!

And be sure to stick around for the
MotoGP Test on Monday where we will be guests of a MotoGP team and catch all the inside action from one of the top technical gurus of the sport, Neil Spalding.

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