8th - 10th March 2024

Grand Prix of Qatar 2024

Wow! Qatar has moved back to its traditional position at the start of the season! Spectacular racing under the lights! Lazy mornings by the swimming pool Visit the famous souk! Great hotels! We've been here since it started in 2004!

Grand Prix of Qatar 2024 event description

We finally get to return to Qatar after 3 years absence! it has moved to the end of the season -- where it began way back in 2004. This should position it as a key event - likely to be a championship decider.

And just to make it REALLY interesting, the race is at night. Each year we are more and more dazzled by the spectacular view of the circuit lit up. Seeing the lights reflect off the surfaces, and sometimes even a glimpse of a rider's face behind the un-tinted face shield is unique to Losail!

We go way back in Qatar - eagerly jumping on it when it was first run in 2004. We probably sell more grandstand tickets than anyone outside of the Middle East, and we dominate the VIP Village. In addition to 'normal' VIP benefits, we add our own touches such as our hosts/hostesses, contests, special gifts and speakers from the paddock. The VIP Village itself features one of the most breathtaking service road tours in MotoGP putting you right on top of this unique circuit AND it has full paddock access*! And the VIP Village is the only place on the track where you can get a beer.

Also at the track consider a team experience, giving full access to this very lightly attended paddock. No hospitality, but the paddock restaurant is quite good.

We have a great choice of packages for all requests. If you want to go all-out, join us in in our Deluxe package in a top 5* hotel in Doha. And we also offer our beloved "Classic Package" - in an excellent 4* hotel (with bar!) downtown a short walk to the famous old Souk. Qatar is not usually cheap; but this package with grandstands works out less expensive than many European counterparts.

We are ready to take care of you from the moment you land, and will organise your airport meet-and-greet (complimentary for Deluxe package, a small charge for Classic) and our team will be on hand to help with everything.

*subject to restrictions

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