16th - 18th June 2023

Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2023 - Event recap

One of the biggest events of the year, every MotoGP fan needs to come here. A truly great venue with access and viewing all over the track. We have two outstanding hotel packages based 25 minutes from the track. We host a traditional opening dinner in a local restaurant with special guests - a weekend of wonderful Saxon hospitality!

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Event review - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2023

We have always said that Sachsenring is the unsung hero of MotoGP -- and this weekend reinforced our belief!

This is a track that has to be experienced, with the demanding corners, the huge elevation changes, and the superb facilities. It is also likely to be the most attended event of 2023, yet they manage the traffic superbly!

Thursday we welcomed guests in the great bar at the Hotel 56

Friday we had a superb talk and lengthy QA with veteran journalist Simon Patterson. We also got a tour of his famous camper van - in which he drives to ALL European rounds!

Saturday night a group raided the local Mexican restaurant for a crazy and fun dinner

Sunday after some great racing we ended up in the nearby beer garden with authentic German beer & food!

Picture gallery - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2023

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