15th - 17th April 2022

Grand Prix of The Americas 2022 - Tour packages

You can spend a lot of time organising hotels, tickets, ground transport, and arrive with no one to help you, provide advice, offer cool evening options... or you can have us sort it all in a matter of a few minutes. We do a lot of work to find the best value accommodations, transport, parties and great 'extras'. Our flexible 'mix and match' system means we can provide ANY ticket with ANY package.

Complete tour packages with accommodation, guides & ground transport

Sorry, no packages available at the moment!

We offer 1 City package and we give you the option of upgrading you to Deluxe in one of the most iconic hotels in Austin.

- The
City package is also close to the city centre (15 minute walk to 6th street) in a simple, clean 2* motel, otherwise the same features as Deluxe. Easy.

- The
Deluxe package is based in iconic Hotel The Driskill 5*, downtown Austin, and includes welcome drinks, round trip circuit transfers, guides, merchandise.

Like what we do but you already have your accommodation sorted? Then why not book one of our
'no accommodation' packages -- you will be treated in all respects as a full package customer, except we don't provide a hotel room! **Not offered at all events.

n.b.for regular customers:
This year we have expanded the packages to 4 night minimum. We have found that since the inaugural event in 2013, our average booking was 4.1 nights with 93% of all bookings for 4 nights or more. If you truly only need 3 nights, please contact us and we can make a special quote.

Also note that we no longer include the
opening reception & dinner with our packages. We have found in the past that only some customers were interested in this event, and thus to keep the package price down, this is now an optional extra. We strongly urge you to book it as our track record in bringing in top speakers, as well as just a great evening, is pretty good!