Thailand VIP Village Rooftop

The top hospitality at any MotoGP event is the official MotoGP VIP Village. For the Thai GP, you will be enjoying the race from a suite on the first floor of the Pit Building. The VIP Village will give you a privileged view of the Start/Finish line, as well as free access to the upper-deck terrace viewing area. Featuring luxury catering, top air-conditioned facilities, CCTV and exclusive services, this is the best choice for comfort and style. Open Saturday and Sunday, you will get breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and an open bar. There is a pit lane walk each day, and at Chang you enjoy open paddock access! For parties of 10 or more we can customise your table. Booking with Pole Position Travel means you also have a private VIP guide on hand to help maximise your experience. We provide useful items such as poster tubes, ear plugs, bags and other items. We will bring one or more guest riders into the Village. VIP Team Experience: For our guests who are really keen you can upgrade to VIP TE. This adds private tours of the paddock, and of one or more of our partner MotoGP Team & Moto2/3 garages and a rare opportunity to visit the trackside Service Road!
Please note that VIP Village passes do not grant access to general admission areas of the circuit. Parking passes provided on request, guaranteed only for parties of 4 or more. Discounted if booked with package!

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VIP Village - VIP Lounge - Saturday & Sunday (2 day)
€1345 £1155

VIP Village 2 day only. Parking 1 per 4 people (not reqd for packages). Friday circuit & paddock access (for 2 day tickets). PPT Staff. Optional upgrade to Team Experience adding garage tours, track visit
Tickets valid 3 days and admit 1 person
EUR 673 for children between 2 and 15 yrs (<2 free) at event