Austrian MotoGP Tour launched!

This was such a popular event in 2017, we decided to make it among the first to go live! We have superb packages based either in the UNESCO city of Graz or nestled in the mountains at our Alpine lodge. Book early - tickets especially sell out fast!

In Graz, we offer 3 hotel packages:
- An excellent 4* 'City' package
- An upgrtade to this to a lovely 4*+ hotel
- The sublime Hotel Schlossberg Deluxe package

Or opt for our cozy Alpine ski resort in our Alpine Package. Either way we take you to and from the track and Friday put on a great show with some cool guest speakers and riders.

You are spoiled for choice for viewing. All grandstands are excellent; but if you want to stay out of the rain, go for one of our hospitality options.

Outside the paddock, we offer the Steirer Club on the main straight, or go straight to the top for the VIP Village above the pits with superb elevated views.

Inside the paddock you can join one of our sponsored MotoGP teams or join us in the Pole Position Club with a Moto2 team.

Finally, why not make it a double header, and join us first in Brno?! We can offer a discount on both packages, as well as options between the events. Make it a week to remember!