Le Mans MotoGP Launched! Awesome new "Chateau" package

We are pleased to launch our tour to the 2018 Le Mans MotoGP 18-20 May. In addition to our traditional "Classic" package in a friendly 2* hotel in the heart of vibrant Le Mans, we have introduced a new Deluxe package which puts you in a nearby 17th century chateau!

Join us for 3 or more nights at Le Mans. We have two great packages:

Our Classic Package is based in a well-loved 2* Hotel in the heart of Le Mans. Go here if you want night life and very convenient access to the track - the trams take you door to door.

Our Chateau package sets you up in 4*+ style and luxury in the French countryside about 18km from the track.

Both include 3 nights B&B, our opening dinner with guests in Le Mans and transfers (Tram in the city and our VIP shuttle from the Chateau). Sunday dinner at the Chateau is included for those guests, city guests can join us for a brilliant meal at Cafe Rossi!

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