Sunday Helicopter transfer discounted €100 for Deluxe package until 31/12/17

Traffic? What traffic?!
Beat the horrible Sunday departure snarl and go the super-VIP route in the air. Special early "bird" discount of €100 for Deluxe package customers booking by the end of December

We pick you up at the lobby of the Hotel des Bains 5*, take you to the airfield, and 5 minutes after take-off you are setting down just behind the VIP Village.

How cool is that? Maximum bragging rights, as you get to wear your Helicopter lanyard ticket all day at the track! ;-)

You can purchase the heli t/f on it's own - albeit without the discount. Just show up at the Hotel des Bains at the appointed time!

[ID: 17006] Massive traffic on the ground (credit: Pole Position Travel)
The insane traffic exiting the circuit meant that ground vehicles took >2 hrs to return

[ID: 17007] Aaah the high life (credit: Pole Position Travel)
Sadly we were forced to enjoy a couple of bottle of wine on the patio while waiting...

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