Aragon MotoGP 2018 Launched

As people start to realise what a cool place this is, Aragon grows every year with us! This year we have had to add another package, this time based in lovely Zaragosa. We also operate our traditional packages in Alcaniz - the "lively" 2* City Package and the sublime Castle Package in the Parador. Chances are by the time you read this, the castle is sold out, but if you want to go to Aragon jump on this now!

Our Castle package is 4 nights from Thursday, the others are 3 night minimum, to include Saturday night.

Owing to the light attendance, This is perhaps the best round in Europe to experience the paddock in a Team Experience -- especially MotoGP as we can then take you onto the stunning track itself (via the service road!)

We have our opening party in the castle Friday with featured guests and riders as well as our usual Saturday night MotoGP Night in the paddock.

You can expect great weather in this part of Spain in September -- book this one soon!

[ID: 17394]  (credit: Pole Position Travel)
Our Friday night welcome dinner featured top MotoGP guru Manuel Pecino along with other special guests including Jose Manuel Lorenzo -- Jorge's dad...

[ID: 17393]  (credit: Pole Position Travel)
Thursday night Insiders' Night guest speaker Peter Clifford, boss of the Red Bull Rookies.

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