Indonesian (and other) MotoGP HUGE special offer for Australasian guests!

We have been waiting for years to attend this event! Be part of the first time this event has been open freely to the public. Discount at least A$235 for last places. 2 nights FREE

We welcome back our friends in Australia, New Zealand and the region!

To help you out, we are offering a huge discount to all the "Fly away" rounds - 6% off your entire booking! Our discount code applies to all from Ausatralasian region for all 'fly-away' events

Join us for the first "real" MotoGP at Mandalika! We offer two packages, both based within 8 minute drive to the track!: 4* Superior and our DELUXE package based in the top hotel in the region, home to many teams and rider.
The discount DOES apply to this package!!

Furthermore, if you book the 4 night Indonesian Superior package, you can add Tuesday and Wednesday nights for free!

To claim this discount, book online and use the code: AUS23Q6

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To whet your appetite, here are the events this discount will apply to:

INDIA 21/Sep 4+ nights
JAPAN 28/Sep 4+ nights
INDONESIA 12/Oct 4+ nights (Tue & Wed FOC!)
AUSTRALIA 19/Oct 4+ Nights (plus VIP still available)
THAILAND 26/Oct 4+ Nights
MALAYSIA 9/Nov 4+ Nights
QATAR 16/Nov 4+ nights (includes welcome dinner with Brad Binder!)

All packages include B&B, track transfers, welcome pack, expert guide, welcome dinner, optional airport collection

Here is a sample booking for Indonesia for 2 people, 4 nights from Thursday (and can add Tue/Wed for free) with premium grandstands:

[ID: 22368]  (credit: Pole Position Travel)

To remind: To claim this discount, book online and use the code: AUS23Q6
Space limited!

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