25th - 27th October 2019

Australian Grand Prix 2019 - Tickets, VIP & Team Experience

We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible).

Team Experiences (with paddock access)

ClubGP Platinum Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
ClubGP Team Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
MotoGP Paddock - Standard Info AU$2000 $1408 BUY
MotoGP Paddock - Platinum Info AU$3995 $2813 CALL
Moto2-Moto3 Paddock - Standard Team Experience Info AU$800 $563 BUY
Moto2-Moto3 Paddock - Platinum Info AU$1300 $916 BUY

VIP & Hospitality tickets

Australian MotoGP Pit Roof Platinum Experience INFO PRICE
Hospitality - Standard Team Experience Info AU$2495 $1756 CALL
Hospitality - Standard VIP Info AU$2095 $1474 CALL
Hospitality - Platinum Info AU$4000 $2816 CALL
Australian MotoGP High Octane Club Experience INFO PRICE
Hospitality - Standard Info AU$1295 $912 BUY
Hospitality - Team Experience Info AU$1795 $1263 BUY

Grandstands / General admission tickets

Australian MotoGP Tickets INFO PRICE
Grandstands - Doohan Pavilion 3 days Info AU$615 $433 SOLD OUT
Grandstands - Stoner Pavilion 3 days Info AU$615 $433 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Siberia south 3 days Info AU$430 $303 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Lukey Heights 3 days Info AU$355 $250 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Gardner Straight 3 days Info AU$480 $338 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Bass Strait 3 days Info AU$400 $282 PACKAGED ONLY
Standing - General admission 3 days Info AU$185 $130 PACKAGED ONLY
Australian Grand Prix 2019 Circuit map

PLEASE NOTE ALL TICKET PRICES HAVE BEEN SET TO '0' UNTIL THE CIRCUIT RELEASES TICKETS. Your booking is a no-obligation reservation, and once the ticket prices are known you will be sent an invoice for the correct amount. You will be able to cancel your booking without obligation if you wish.

All tickets allow you to go everywhere in general admission at this circuit. However if you want a better view and a reserved place, take a grandstand seat. All have TV and good views. We like Siberia for the curves, Lukey Heights for a great vantage point, Bass Strait sees a lot of track and turn around for some great sea views! The main straight is where you want to be for pit and start grid views, and to see the podium. Also consider adding the GP Hub for an oasis of calm and shelter.

Our hospitality options include the top Platinum VIP and the High Octane Club. Upgrade from both to our Team Experience to get paddock access and a garage visit.

Our special Team Experience packages are available for this event. This sets you up as a guest of one of our sponsored teams for a day or the weekend, with unlimited paddock access, pit visits, rider meetings, and more! You can do Moto2/3 or MotoGP.