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International Real Road Racing

Throw away the manicured circuits, the long gravel pit runoffs, the tightly controlled rules and point your bike down an ordinary street used in everyday driving. At 200mph. This is real road racing and nothing on the planet compares. Thrilling, terrifying, awe-inspiring; this is not racing for the timid. Bikes are standard production bikes, and the many teams range from full factory support to a family team operating from a makeshift tent with 10 year old machinery. Road racing is not just about the racing - it is about the people and the hundreds of stories that come together at an event, making the whole experience like a giant family reunion.
The pinnacle of road racing is of course the Isle of Man, and the TT race week on the Island is quite simply the most exciting sporting event on the planet. We also love the Classic TT which is the same course, usually same riders but on veteran machinery.

We run the top VIP tour to the TT, and it is our largest event overall. We are official partners of the organisers (the Isle of Man government). We expect to add more road racing events to our portfolio soon. For us, like the fans, it is more than the event - it is the passion.

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