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Scotsman Rory Skinner wins the first Red Bull Rookies Cup Race of 2017 in Jerez 6th May

"Ratskeller" Sachsenring Opening Dinner to feature the Red Bull Rookies!

The co-founder and director of the Red Bull Rookies, Peter Clifford, will be joining us Friday night in Sachsenring along with several of the Rookie pilots themselves to share insights into which is often the most exciting racing of the weekend! Join us for insanely good beer, food and a rare opportunity to meet up with the stars of tomorrow!

The lovely terrace at our Superior package

Final package for Sachsenring

We have just one more room in our "Superior" package for Sachsenring.

Event description

The Germans keep this gem of an event a state secret - one we would like to share with you! Always easy-going, great fun, great facilities, great action! A good riding destination and a very good value for money.

Formerly a road circuit; this is the home to the true moto-heads in Germany. It is a little-known fact that the 2 stroke motorcycle engine was invented near here! Coinciding with the fall of the Iron Curtain around 1990, the current 3.671 km circuit was built in 1996 and retains little semblance of the old track, with MotoGP first arriving here in 1998. Low-gear, paint-swapping corners now dominate much of the track, allowing the pent-up power of the machines to be released only after the final turns onto the two straights in the final section. The back downhill straight is the fastest point on the track leading into the sweeping Sachsen turn which always has a lot of action - we recommend the stands 12,13 and the catered 14.

After Brno, this is the event we have been coming to the longest - since 2004! It is also one of the largest events - Sunday crowds top well over 100,000; and the circuit handles the crowd size beautifully with little traffic.

Our opening party is at the traditional Ratskeller, with wonderful food and drink, and we always get an 'insider' to come and share beers and stories from the world of MotoGP!

This is a great event to go VIP - the pit roof suit is at the highest point on the circuit so you get great views; and service road tours are INCLUDED, giving you a rare chance to see the bikes up close in action!

Sachsenring is one of the best value MotoGPs of the tournament; as a quick glance at our packages will show. Our
classic package puts you in a 3+* hotel in the centre of Chemnitz; ready for all the town action. It is also great for Singles. Our superior package is in a 4* hotel in easy proximity to all the pubs and restaurants downtown. In both cases we take you to the track and back on Fri/Sat/Sun and to our Fri opening reception. Saturday evening for those keen, you can stay at the track and enjoy the free rock concert, and we will take you home later (small additional cost); or come along with staff for a visit to a local restaurant. We also do our famous 'MotoGP NIght' dinner inside the MotoGP paddock on Saturday night.

Sunday we have an optional 'winding down' dinner which usually ends up in an informal pub tour of the town! Of course our staff are on hand at all times to ensure you have a great time!

Circuit information

Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2017 Circuit map

Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2017

30th - 2nd July 2017

CircuitSachsenring Circuit
On site helpline+44 131 202 6544
Backup+44 191 406 6260
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Weekend programme
Accreditation guide

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MotoGP Sachsenring 2017
Weekend programme

MotoGP Sachsenring 2017

We provide you with complete weekend tours to all race weekends! All packages below include accommodation, track transfers, track-side opening party, and our expert guiding services. You choose your tickets to match your expectation and you have a perfect weekend. Just click on the package name, select your tickets, party size, dates, and rooming and you are done!

REMEMBER: PRICES ARE QUOTED WITHOUT TICKETS. You may choose any ticket with any package when booking.
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German MotoGP Superior Weekend

from €565

More details

3 nights B&B in 4+* in Chemnitz. Double room, welcome pack, transfers, opening party Friday.

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German MotoGP Classic Weekend

from €395

More details

Double/twin room 3* B&B central Chemnitz hotel; opening party, Sat/Sun track transfers, guide, merchandise

MotoGP Sachsenring 2017

Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2017 Circuit map
Sachsenring has about the most grandstands of any circuit. As the 3rd largest event on the MotoGP calendar, this is not surprising. Viewing is good from everywhere, and the VIP Village is one of the best, with included services road tours.

For our money, we like the T13 area - the broad left sweeper at the bottom of the hill and the fastest portion of the track.

For hospitality, the VIP Village is one of the best in Europe - with several great views and a viewing terrace on the final corner. You can also opt for our Team Experience with one of our partner MotoGP teams or in our own Pole Position Club. Enjoy the weekend in the paddock with garage visits, rider meetings and more!
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Special offer
Ticket type
Special offer
Ticket type
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MotoGP Sachsenring 2017
Parties & excursions

Our opening party at the Ratskeller is one of those events we always look forward to. Great beer, great food, and held in a spectacular building (one of the few undamaged in the war and through communist times). Even if you are a ticket-only customer, we strongly recommend you join us Friday night and catch up with fellow moto-heads and an insightful opening speaker!

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ClubGP MotoGP Insider's Night (Thu)

for €150

More details Book

Thursday evening drinks in the MotoGP Paddock, tour of the MotoGP paddock, visit our sponsors' garages and enjoy dinner in our Pole Position Club hospitality

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Sachsenring MotoGP Opening Dinner (Friday)

for €50

More details Book

Entry to opening party, including food & drink and guest speakers. Included in packages

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ClubGP MotoNight (Sat)

for €295

More details Book

Full MotoGP paddock access, guided tour of paddock and pit; dinner in team hospitality. Free return transport, but must be booked

MotoGP Sachsenring 2017
Practical information

One of the biggest events of the year, every MotoGP fan needs to come here. A truly great venue with access and viewing all over the track. Two packages to choose from based in nearby Chemnitz. We host a traditional opening dinner in the Rathaus with special guests; and finish in a classic German beer garten - a weekend of wonderful Saxon hospitality!

MotoGP Sachsenring 2017

Last years event


Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2016

17th July 2016

Of course we have been here last year as well! Check out last years results, report and of course pictures!


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