1st - 3rd November 2024

Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2024 - Information

Useful practical information about the event

When is the event?

The whole event date

1st - 3rd November 2024

The main event (race day)

3rd November 2024



Sepang International Circuit
Kuala Lumpur

On site helpline:

+44 131 202 6544

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Travel tips:

Fly to Kulala Lumpur - deluxe hotel is at the airport; city hotel is taxi or we can organise pickup

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Trip advice


The circuit is adjacent to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Our Deluxe package is at the hotel and requires no transfer. The Budget package hotel offers a free airport shuttle. The City package we can arrange a "meet & greet" service. Let us know your flight information and we will come get you. If you are on your own, you can get a local taxi to the track. If you are heading for a hotel in KL, there is an express train service that takes about 30 minutes and costs about $2. KL is nearly an hour drive from the airport, an ordinary taxi costs about $25. They will try to sell you a 'limo' service which isn't much better and is 50% more.

You can rent a car; driving isn't too bad here. Just avoid KL centre! The track has ample parking, and it doesn't get too crowded. Car rental is expensive; consider using a local car hire company such as Advantage Car Rentals http://advmsia.com.my/
If you are a VIP customer with us and with your own car, be sure to ask us for a VIP parking pass.

Our hotels are in very different locations:
• The
Paradise Package is at the Avani Goldcoast resort. Take a taxi from the airport. It is a short ride of about 15 minuts.
• The
Deluxe Package is at the Sama Sama at the airport. Look for signs when you exit customs; you can check in at the airport and then walk or take the hotel shuttle.
• The
City package. If you haven't organised through us, the best way to get there (apart from taxi) is to take the express train and taxi as noted above.
• The
Economy Package. Walk from KLIA2 or take the connecting train from KLIA1 (aka Kuala Lumpur International)


Taxis anywhere outside of KL are negotiable. You are well advised to agree a flat rate for trips in and out of town. A taxi from the airport to the KL hotel will be about €30. Taxis add 50% to fares after midnight. BE WARNED: Official "hotel cars" will charge a significant premium - often double the price of an ordinary taxi. They are not always obvious - what looks like a taxi rank at a curbside near your hotel may in fact be the "hotel" cars.


Not a section we usually add in these, but if you can spare an extra couple of days, you can get some very cheap flights and great packages in some of Malaysia's very nice tourist destinations such as Langkawi Island, Penang, Cameron Highlands; and for city lovers, don't forget Singapore. Air Asia flies cheap flights from KL and the local airport Subang.

Anything else you need, ask us (or our guide or the hotel)


In addition to the MotoGP, some things to see and do in KL:
- Visit Chinatown, in the historic centre. Also see the old colonial centre. Very British!
- The Golden Triangle is where most of the clubs and party spots are (near the iconic Twin Towers). The city has a non-stop night life, probably the best on the MotoGP tournament!
- The shopping district Tuanku Abdul Rahman (near the Golden Triangle) offers an incredible array of goods at super prices
- The Batu Caves to the north of the city are a world famous Hindu site and a fascinating visit