1st - 3rd November 2019

Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 - Tour packages

You can spend a lot of time organising hotels, tickets, ground transport, and arrive with no one to help you, provide advice, offer cool evening options... or you can have us sort it all in a matter of a few minutes. We do a lot of work to find the best value accommodations, transport, parties and great 'extras'.Our flexible 'mix and match' system means we can provide ANY ticket with ANY package.

Complete MotoGP accommodation packages & tours


Sepang MotoGP Paradise Package is the leisure accommodation of the Malaysian GP. Nuzzled atop of the Malacca Straights' open waters, this hotel will give you stunning views and the "On Holiday" feel you're looking for.

  • 5* Resort Hotel B&B
  • Circuit Transfers (Friday,Saturday,Sunday)
  • Opening Party
  • Merchandise
  • PPT Guide
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The Sepang MotoGP Deluxe Package Accommodation, is the 4 night package of choice for the Malaysian GP. Situated at the famous 5* Sama Sama Hotel, the hotel for many Teams & Riders. Which increases your chance of a meet & greet.

  • 5* Sama Sama Hotel B&B
  • Circuit Transfers (Friday,Saturday,Sunday)
  • Opening Party
  • Merchandise
  • PPT Guide
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Package type INFO PRICE
Deluxe Hotel - Deluxe - 2 beds (twin) Info €1099 BUY
REMEMBER: PRICES BELOW ARE WITHOUT TICKETS. You may choose any ticket with any package when booking.

We offer 3 packages in Sepang; catering to different budgets/tastes.

ALL packages include:
* 3 or more nights (4 in the Deluxe package) accommodation
* Track transfers on Saturday and Sunday (optionally Friday)
* On-site expert guide for all assistance
* Our opening party Friday night
* Souvenir merchandise, including our coveted Sepang Polo Shirts!

Optional extras on all packages:
- Thursday Insiders' Night at the track (Incl in Deluxe package)
- additional nights
- room upgrades
- singles and triples/family rooms
- Friday transfer FOC for those staying Thursday night, but you must pre-book

Deluxe package if you want to co-habit a hotel with the MotoGP riders (will sell out VERY quickly). (0:15 drive to circuit)
Malaysian package for the new 5* hotel at the airport
Paradise package for a unique and peaceful hotel and not too far from the track. (0:35)

Please note: our estimates of drive times from the hotels are based on Google maps, and we find Malaysia to have especially unpredictable traffic, especially on Sunday, so please take with a healthy punch of salt! (in 2016 the Paradise Package reached the circuit at least 30 minutes ahead of all others!)