21st - 23rd October 2022

Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022 - Tickets, VIP & Team Experience

We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible).

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Team Experiences (with paddock access)

ClubGP Team Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
MotoGP Team - Standard Info €2250 £1962 CALL
Moto2 Team - Standard SAG Racing Info €1500 £1308 RESERVE
Moto3 Team - Standard VIP Info €0 SOLD OUT
Moto3 Team - Standard VisionTrack Info €900 £785 SOLD OUT
The Pole Position Club INFO PRICE
Moto3 Team - Platinum VisionTrack Info €1195 £1042 CALL

VIP & Hospitality tickets

Sepang Grand Prix VIP Village INFO PRICE
VIP Village - Club Saturday & Sunday (2 day) Info €1240 £1082 SOLD OUT
VIP Village - Team Experience Info €2150 £1875 SOLD OUT
VIP Village - Platinum MotoGP Team Guest Info €4950 £4317 RESERVE

Grandstands / General admission tickets

Sepang MotoGP Grandstand Tickets INFO PRICE
Grandstands - Main Grandstand 3 days Info €90 £78 SOLD OUT
Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022 Circuit map

The ordinary grandstand tickets give you access to most of the entire track. The Mall is unique in MotoGP affording seating with views north and south. Since the event never gets crowded you will be spoiled for choice. We do sell the K1 tickets on the first corner, but this doesn't permit access to the mall, so we don't recommend.

Bear in mind it does tend to get humid; one of the great selling points of the
VIP Village is its air conditioning! You also get PADDOCK ACCESS!

We have added our own
Pole Position Hospitality. This is the perfect compromise between ordinary grandstands and full VIP.

TEAM EXPERIENCE: Our special Team Experience packages are available for this event. This sets you up as a guest of one of our sponsored teams for the weekend, with paddock access, pit visits, rider meetings, and more! MotoGP guests also will have the opportunity to visit the track itself (service road). The teams do not have hospitality units (although you can visit your MotoGP Team office for a drink and a cool-down). There is a paddock restaurant, or if you like you may also purchase our Pole Position Suite hospitality in the Mall at a €200 discount.