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We are proud of our track record in helping thousands enjoy the delights of motorcycle racing! Following is a small sample of testimonials we have received from our guests over the years. You will see why when you attend an event with us, fully 2/3rds of all guests there will have been with us before!

A note on 'rating systems': We rely on the word of mouth of true customers and true fans. Our experience is that the so-called 'rating systems' are subject to abuse and manipulation. For example, our Facebook score is polluted by dozens of 1* ratings submitted in 2013 without comment by people who were not our customers and coming from countries such as India where we have no customers. Removing these, our score is 4.97!

Equally we discourage customers from relying on TripAdvisor ratings for hotels. In our packages, you are staying with US and we check out all accommodations and remain your first port of call for any issues. Your experience will be significantly different than random customers dealing directly with the hotel.

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Please note that all our products can be quoted and booked online. Online bookings do NOT take immediate payment but allow for later changes. We are experiencing longer than 48 hours before we are responding to the contact form.