25th - 27th September 2020

Gran Premio de Aragón 2020

This may be the best circuit in MotoGP - great viewing, great action, incredible service road. Hotel rooms are like gold dust - but we stay in Alcaniz just 6km from the track: 14 minutes from our Alcaniz hotels or 90 minutes (each way!) from Zaragosa - you decide. The least-well attended in Europe, if you thinking of a MotoGP Team Experience, this is the one to choose!

Maverick against the iconic


A story of walls. Aragón MotoGP Launched. Just a few places at the Castle.

If you are trying to collect 'em all, this is a European round that surprisingly few people make it to. Hard to get to, few hotel rooms, but a spectacular circuit. Grab one of our very few rooms in the Parador!

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Castle package / Double / 1 bed (double) with Gresini Aprilia MotoGP / Standard / 3 days = €2590 £2302   
Special package / Standard / 2 beds (twin) with Grandstands / 1C Gold / 3 days = €629 £559   

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