28th - 30th August 2020

British Grand Prix 2020

One of our biggest events! This is a circuit with facilities and experience to match the best Europe has to offer! We do it all here: 5* package walking distance to track, a more economic 3* package 20 minutes away. Brilliant hospitality overlooking the final corners. Thursday 'insider' MotoGP experience, Friday opening party with British riders! Team experiences in the paddock! Don't miss Day of Champions Thursday!

Event description: British Grand Prix 2020

Find out more about what we do at British Grand Prix 2020 and get started with planning your MotoGP experience. We have packages, tickets and excursions tailor made for you.

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Deluxe Hotel / Standard / 1 bed (double) with Grandstands / Luffield 3 day / 3 days = £1125 €1266   
Deluxe Hotel / Standard / 2 beds (twin) with Hospitality / Brooklands / 2 days = £1970 €2217   
Economy Hotel / Double / 1 bed (double) with Grandstands / Woodcote A / 3 days = £520 €585   
Economy Hotel / Twin / 2 beds (twin) with Moto2 Paddock Club / Standard / 2 days = £1015 €1142   

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