28th - 30th April 2023

Gran Premio De España 2023 - Information

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When is the event?

The whole event date

28th - 30th April 2023

The main event (race day)

30th April 2023



Circuito de Jerez

On site helpline:

+44 131 202 6544

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Travel tips:

Jerez has direct flights on Monarch and RyanAir from UK; Hapag, Air Berlin and Condor from Germany; we can organise pickup. Consider flights to Seville which gives more options, Malaga is a 2 hour drive. F

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Trip advice


For flight options we search using skyscanner.net. This offers a comprehensive search of all flights available and searches different sources for prices. Let us know your flight details and we can arrange airport pickup -- this is complimentary on our deluxe packages, a small charge on the other packages.

Beware: Jerez is a tiny airport, and the services there reflect this. If you plan to hire a car, do it well in advance, there will be no cars available on walk-up!

You can also consider flying to Seville (about 1 hr); Gibraltar (about 1.5 hr drive); Malaga (about 2.5 hr). There are public buses and trains connecting these cities to Jerez, however you might find a car hire the simplest option. If you are staying at the Senator Spa in Cadiz, we suggest that you fly to Jerez or Seville and then rent a car (very cheap) or catch a bus or train (the train station is 200m from the hotel).


If you fly to Jerez, we can organise an airport pickup for you to your hotel, or you can simply take a taxi. If you are driving car or bike, we have secure parking at all our hotels.

Hotel NH Avenida is located near to the centre of the Jerez city. Hotel Senator Spa Cadiz is 34km from Jerez by motorway, or 35 mins by train.


Jerez circuit is situated about 12 km east of Jerez. There is NO public transport there. Taxis may take you to the circuit upon and agreement of payment as they also have to return. At the end of the day sometimes taxis wait at the main entrance. Our package customers will be on the coach with us, if you are there on a ticket-only basis, we recommend you drive or ask about our Serice-only packages without accommodation.

Parking is also tricky -- while there is plenty of parking space, it will jam up and exiting the car park, even on motorcycle, will require patience. We recommend a late departure from the track. VIP Village customers may request a VIP parking pass, customers with Especial tickets also have a private car park near the grandstand. In both cases, long waits to exit are the norm.


During the GP, taxis are scarce, and especially on Saturday night, the town is heaving with people; so progress will be slow. Our advice: walk. The town is not that big, you can walk from our hotels to the city centre in about 25 minutes. You will probably be there before the taxi! Saturday night there is a street party near to the Sherry Park so no need to walk too far for the atmosphere!