28th - 30th June 2024

TT Assen 2024

Assen is an event that people make an annual fixture. After 50+ years the Dutch have it all worked out. Stay in Assen itself in our 4* hotel, or join our special bungalows 15 minutes from the track! Don't miss the Saturday street party!

Date announced by organisers. All package prices are based on 2023 levels, subject to confirmation. We guarantee no more than 10% variance in price; else any deposit is 100% refundable. Ticket prices are estimates based on 2023, and subject to change. In the event of >10% change you may opt for another ticket, or request refund of the ticket portion.
Doing BOTH Assen and Sachsenring? Get a 5% package discount on each and private transport between them with a stop over in lovely Berlin!

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Event description: TT Assen 2024

Find out more about what we do at TT Assen 2024 and get started with planning your MotoGP experience. We have packages, tickets and excursions tailor made for you.

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Superior Hotel / Standard / 1 bed (double) with Grandstands / Haarbocht Tribune / 3 Day = €985 £844   
Superior Hotel / Standard / 2 beds (twin) with Hospitality / Haarbocht Tribune / 2 day hospitality = €1695 £1453   
Bungalow park / 1 Bedroom Bungalow with Grandstands / Haarbocht Tribune / 3 Day = €1315 £1127   
Bungalow park / 3 room Bungalow with Moto2 Team / Standard = €2310 £1980   

Terms and conditions when booking this event

Our general terms and conditions apply, however as modified thus:

For bookings which include a package: For package customers only: may pay 50% at booking and the balance 60 days prior to your tour start.

For all other bookings: Full payment due on booking.

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