20th - 22nd September 2024

Grand Prix of Kazakhstan

Well, WE are excited! We have Kazakh staff, speak the language and been to the lovely base city of Almaty. Let's hope it happens this year!!

Grand Prix of Kazakhstan event description

The new Tilke-designed Sokol Racing Circuit just north of Almaty looks brilliant! We can expect some exciting racing in an exotic part of the world.

Of course this will be a pilot tour here -- although we aren't going in raw. Our operations manager Jannet is from Kazakhstan, and will be sure to help our guests experience true Kazakh hospitality and the wonderful cuisine!

We are keeping the first tour small, as we will certainly have to deal with some unexpected issues with the new circuit and destination, but with two guides there (Jannet and our managing director Gordon) you can be assured that we will handle anything that comes up.

So we hope you will join us for the inaugural visit -- remember you have only one chance to be first!

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